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The Reel Fishing Spot – 28-Apr 2023
April 28, 2023

Welcome to The Wave’s The Reel Fishing Spot for 28th April 2023, where we bring you the latest fishing trends and the best spots to fish in Perth, Mandurah, Peel Island, and beyond. As autumn rains arrive, new fishing opportunities are opening up. Crabbing enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that Blue manna crabs are on the move in great numbers, making it easier to catch them by dropping pots in their paths out of the estuary and back to the ocean.

For those interested in catching bigger fish, the Mandurah end of the estuary is the best spot to catch the big yellowfin whiting. Sand whiting are also in abundance along the local beaches, and autumn is the perfect time to target the bigger King George as they feed along the nearshore weed beds, timing their spawning activities to coincide with the first of the estuary’s runoff water.

Offshore fishing is equally exciting, with good numbers of Jewfish, snapper, and Breaksea cod hitting the decks. Surprisingly large Baldchin Groper can be found along the five fathom bank. Anglers can expect the pelagic action to fire up soon, as yellowfin tuna start to make their way down to the local waters. The Mandra fads have been in for the last three weeks, and it’s only a matter of time before they become a holding point for prized species such as dolphin fish, tuna, and wahoo.

In conclusion, autumn fishing opportunities in Perth, Mandurah, Peel Island, and beyond are plentiful, and wherever you get the chance to wet a line, good luck, tight lines, and remember, every day’s a good day for fishing. For those looking for more information on the latest fishing trends and the best spots to fish, tune in to The Wave’s The Reel Fishing Spot at 91.7. The show is a great resource for local anglers and anyone who wants to learn more about fishing in the area.

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