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Tight Lines – 15th December 2023
December 15, 2023

First up this week it’s all about pelagics; more specifically the Mandurah FADs. They have been in the water a bit over four weeks now. Combined with the key ingredients of a current line pushing from the north, a sea surface temperature change over our 90 to 100 mtr line, and an altimetry line cross sectioning all three key indicators, it’s been the perfect recipe for early season dolphin fish of epic size

And that’s what Zac and his crew found earlier in the week with big dollies on the chew at both Mandurah FADs numbers 9 and 10. With the Richter Boom Boom lure attracting multiple strikes. Congrats Zac on winning yourself this week’s $50 Tackle World Miami voucher.

All the coordinates are found on Recfishwest’s website, and for any info you need to have a crack, call into the store so we can run you through a game plan so you too can head out in search of summer pelagic action. 

For those of you with your cray pots in the water I recommend pulling your pots back onto the reef. The whites run was spasmodic, and in some places over before it started. You still have a chance of an Xmas cray, just be sure to drop your pots hard up against structure with some undercut.

This weekend also marks the opening of our demersal season once again from this Saturday the 16th  December through till the 31st of January.

And if you are looking for a new jig to try, the new Roven from Oceans Legacy could well be the hot ticket to success with big demersals the next 6 weeks!   

Wherever you get the chance to wet a line this weekend as always good luck tight lines and remember every day’s a good day for fishing.

WIN a $50 voucher every week!

We’re looking for local legends who are getting out there and wetting a line during our Demersal Open Season.

Send us your catch of the week and every week we’ll select ONE winner who will receive a $50 Tackle World Miami voucher.


  • Option 1: Upload your fishing photo to Instagram and use the hashtag #TackleWorldMiami
  • Option 2: Email your photo to

Select submissions will be posted in our weekly fishing report every Friday!

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