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Tight Lines – 16th February
February 16, 2024

Welcome to this week’s edition of Tight Lines 

Abs, Crabs, Cray’s, Squid, Shark Mackerel, BlueFin Tuna, Yellowtail kingfish, and Giant Herring. Yes, they have all been caught in local waters over the past week or so.

Abs this Saturday the 17th of Feb see’s a one hour opening between the hours of 7 and 8am, stay safe on the rocks and enjoy.

Crabs have really hit their straps with drop nets coming over the gunnel with multiple sized, hard, full tasty crabs.

Visibility for local divers is insane hence the perfect opportunity to grab a few jumbos.

Squid, Check out the size of Keaton’s cracker.

Shark Mackerel and their close relative Spanish Mackerel are a real chance this time of year with SST showing the hot water is hard up against the coast.

YTK great on the plate and sporting to catch. Check out the versatility of the Richter Hockzhead lure in Chartreuse.

And Giant Herring, yes caught right here in our local estuary by Ryan, a cracking and memorable catch.   

Wherever you get the chance to wet a line this weekend as always, good luck tight lines, and remember every day’s a good day for fishing.

WIN a $50 voucher every week!

We’re looking for local legends who are getting out there and wetting a line during our Demersal Closed Season.

Send us your catch of the week and every week we’ll select ONE winner who will receive a $50 Tackle World Miami voucher.


Option 1: Upload your fishing photo to Instagram and use the hashtag #TackleWorldMiami

Option 2: Email your photo to

Select submissions will be posted in our weekly fishing report every Friday!

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