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The Reel Fishing Spot – 11th August 2023
August 11, 2023

Welcome to this week’s edition of On The Bite / The Reel Fishing Spot

The Demersal Closure is well upon us. However, I’ve been blown away by the positivity of anglers and their motivation to target other species. 

We talk about it lots, but there are Southern Blue Fin Tuna on offer all year round, this time of year there are no birds to give away their location, but if you run a couple of smaller skirts along the outside of the Five fathom bank or thru the 30mtr line it won’t take long to connect with one of our local speedsters.

Our sheltered waterways still have good whiting and a couple of Tailor on offer.

And those that have set up on our Inshore reef systems and engaged a good berley trail of small cubes and pellets have been pleasantly surprised by the numbers and size of our local winter skippy.

Don’t be surprised if some XL Sampson fish show up on the same trail and put on a show.

And for the beachgoers droning or casting for Pink Snapper, we have seen many successful sessions over the past week.  

Wherever you get the chance to wet a line this weekend, as always, good luck, tight lines, and remember: every day’s a good day for fishing.

Watch Scott Coghlan – Western Australia’s fishing icon and Cast of Thousands ambassador

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