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Tight Lines – 7th June
June 07, 2024

Welcome To This Week’s Edition Of Tight Lines!

Wild weather and winter storms have been prominent in the last week and most of us haven’t really had the chance to go out and wet a line.

So instead of our usual weekly fish report, lets reflect on some recent weekly winners who showed us a great examples of how to take a winning photo. With the tips below, you too could find yourself featured in our weekly fishing report.

Previous Winner Examples:

Here’s Some Guidelines To Help Enhance Your Potential Winning Photo:

  • Get close! Make yourself and the fish the main focus.
  • Where possible, the camera man should have his back to the sun with you facing towards it. Get as much light in the picture as you can.
  • Be aware of the fish’s position to try and catch more light. (pretend your fish is like a big mirror and you’re trying to blind the camera man!)
  • Take the photo as soon as the fish is caught and in the environment in which it was captured. (A pic back at the ramp just doesn’t have the same effect)
  • Give your fish a quick rinse to remove any sand or blood.
  • Take the photo before processing the fish at all and before it is humanely dispatched if intended for the table.
  • Using the flash on your camera (even if its sunny) can enhance the image and eliminate any shadows.
  • Remove your sunnies if possible.
  • Remember to smile =]

In the back half of next week the weather gods will be smiling once again and we look forward to seeing all of your wonderful entries. We will be choosing two winners to make up for this week so get your fishing rods and cameras out, and we hope to see you in next weeks edition of Tight Lines.

Wherever you get a chance to wet a line this week, as always good luck, tight lines and remember every day’s a good day for fishing.

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